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Posted On April 22, 2010

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I am so excited to be able to play again on Show us Your Life Friday on Kelly’s Korner.  For months I’ve just been sitting on the sidelines!

This week, she is doing a whole “How your met your husband” post.  Hunter and I met at church camp 2005.  We were each working with a group of teenagers.  I guess we both knew “of” each other before church camp–but didn’t really know each other. All week he joked around asking me to go on dates with him–he said he was being serious, but seeing as he was FIVE years younger than me, I was really just thinking of him as a “kid” being silly.  I was 24 and he was 19 (gasp).  Oh yeah, I forgot to tell you one little detail.  I had actually never been on a date before, never dated a boy, held a guy’s hand, and I had certainly never kissed a boy!  Just a little detail you need to know before I go on.

Throughout the next few months, we came back to Jonesboro and talked from week to week.  There are rumors that we sent each other text messages a lot, and I would probably have to confirm those rumors.

But I totally still saw him as too young to date.  March rolled around, and we went on a Spring Break mission trip.  We really hung out a lot and I started to be interested in maybe dating him but I was really still worried about our age difference.  But the more I hung out with him and became his friend the more I started to see who God was forming him into being–not just a then 20 year old guy.  So for the next six or eight weeks we hung out every night as friends–and I was planning on keeping it that way even though Hunter was pretty persistent in asking me on dates.  Finally, we had one of those conversations that defined us.  He wanted to date me.  I liked him a lot but was so scared since I really had never dated anyone before.  I told him that we couldn’t date because he was just too young for me, and that we couldn’t hang out every night like we had.  Less than 24 hours later I sent him an email saying I made a mistake and I did want to date him.

We started dating the week these two (my sis and bro in law) got married—May 6th, 2006.

Hunter said it was kinda nerve wrecking to start dating me the week of a family wedding.  I agree.  Even though we had just started dating, we were asked the date of our wedding about sixteen times!  Ha. We were engaged February 14, 2008 and married July 12, 2008.

One of my most precious times of our lives were the weeks between summer church camp and May when we went on our first date.  During those weeks, we learned so much about each other and learned how to be friends with each other, and how to be there for one another when we need friendship and support.  Plus I just loved all the fun hanging out with Hunter and friends.

P.S.  Being married to someone young, doesn’t make you old– it just makes you feel young–right?


4 Responses to “Kelly’s Korner”

  1. erica

    what a cute story! i bet i would feel the same way about a younger guy but isn’t it great how God doesn’t care? and i know you don’t care anymore either 😉

    • debbiemwest

      Thanks Erika! It is still a pretty wonderful story to me too!!!

  2. Brittany

    I love your story and I totally agree with you about how crucial friendship is! You two look great together 🙂

  3. Sam Pierce

    As Hunter’s former roommate, I can attest to those late night text messages. Nothing like getting woken up at 3 a.m.

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