Proposal Story

Posted On June 18, 2010

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On Kelly’s Korner, she is doing proposal stories.  I am so excited to share my story!

Ha ha ha!  No, it did NOT happen like this.  Thank the Lord.  I would’ve died in my seat!

A few weeks ago on Kelly’s Korner I shared how Hunter and I met.  You can read that post here.

Ok, so onto proposal night!  It happened on February 14, 2008—Valentine’s Day and Hunter’s Birthday.  Hunter hates that his birthday is on Valentine’s Day because his birthday is trumped by the day of love!  🙂 I had graduate class that night so Hunter and I were going celebrate both Valentine’s Day and his birthday later in the week–on separate nights of course!

We drove to the house and I noticed lights on in the house.  I am terrible at turning out lights, so I just figured I forgot to turn a light off.  I walk into the house and this is what I saw.  Take. my. breathe. away.

There was a little foot washing station, where he washed one foot.  Then he sweetly proposed.  I was shocked–not thinking at all that he would propose on his birthday.  I of course said y-e-s!!!!  Unfortunately the other foot never got the rub down–ha!  Fortunately, I got to marry my best friend and a man that makes me more and more happy as the days go by!

It was one of my sweetest memories.

Lots of our friends got to see the ring before he proposed and participate in the proposal!  He said he carried the ring around in his pocket for about a week before he proposed and showed it to everyone he saw.  🙂

Did you get to see it before me??


3 Responses to “Proposal Story”

  1. Sarah at SmallWorld

    Love the candles! May you have many happy decades yet to come!

  2. Sam

    I was there when he bought it!

  3. debbiemwest

    Yes, Sam you were. Wish we lived close so we could do more things together! Hope you liked the movie tonight. PS…the show us your single guys post is coming up soon. Get ready! 🙂

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