Posted On September 14, 2010

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Was my last blog post really 2 months ago?  Seems like yesterday.  Honestly!

Well after my last blog post in July (!) I rested a little and got ready for teaching 3rd grade.  At the first of August, Candy and I were D-O-N-E waiting on the floors to dry after their famous last coat of wax….so we broke into the school a day before we were supposed to!  Yikes.  Criminals, we know!

I spent all of August getting ready for my new students.  That is ALWAYS such an exciting time.  Open House was amazing.  I had all my parents show up except for two, and one of those parents were out of town.

For the past 25 years, I have either been attending school or getting ready for school and I have always had “THE FIRST DAY JITTERS”.  So, the night before school started, I felt sick–but brushed it off.  I kept getting more and more sick to my stomach to the point of just being balled up on the bed when Hunter got home from church.  So off we went to the ER–YES I SPENT THE NIGHT BEFORE SCHOOL STARTED IN THE ER, all night!!!!

To catch you all up on life since the night in the ER–I’m going to do the bulleted version!

  • Turns out I was having a gallbladder attack and my gallbladder was diseased and full of gallbladder stones.

  • I met with my family doctor and then the surgeon, and they both said it would have to be removed ASAP.  My surgeon said to be prepared for open surgery because my GB was so diseased.  Sad, sad, sad day for me!

  • I begged my doctor to do all he could do to keep from opening me up because the recovery time is SO long.  I reminded him that teachers can’t really miss school, especially in August and September.

  • I had the surgery on September 2nd.  When he started the laproscopic surgery he found a large hernia behind my belly button that had been developing for years that he repaired.

  • Then he got to the gallbladder.  My liver had completely wrapped around my gallbladder like a pig in a blanket.  He said he had NEVER seen anything like it.  So, it was a tough surgery with just the gallbladder, not even counting the hernia.

  • He said all during surgery he kept thinking he was going to have to do the open surgery.  Lucky for me, I reminded him like sixteen times I did not want that done.  HA!!!  The whole surgery was done laproscopically.  YAY.  Big time happy.

  • Here’s a picture of what the liver/gallbladder combo is supposed to look like with the gallbladder just kinda hanging out under the liver.

  • There goes planning to go back to work a couple of days after surgery.

  • It’s been almost two weeks now.  Last night, Hunter said my healing progress was like a D+.  I whined, and he said “ok it’s like a C-“.

  • I can’t wear real pants because of the sutures healing the hernia, and the stitches on the outside.  I can’t sit down because of the same thing.  I can’t stand because I get tired and my stomach hurts from standing, so basically my only option is laying down or reclining.  Yikes.

  • I’ve never been more ready to go back to work.  I am planning to go back on Thursday so I will teach for two days and then I will have two days off for the weekend!  On Thursday it’ll be two full weeks since the surgery.

Well, that’s about it on catching you up.

There have been some really great things about the surgery, well besides seeing again how great my husband is at taking care of me, mainly just one.  I have been able to pray for my children like crazy.  Literally at reading time, I pray for them.  During math time, I am praying they supernaturally learn how to be great rounders.  Plus I am just praying that they know and understand how much God loves them.  Man, I have had some amazing times during the last two weeks praying for my co-workers and my students.

I have learned that I have a problem with trying to control my life.  I am learning to loosen up my grip.  That life will go on without me in the classroom.  Life will go one with the dishes in the sink.  Life will go on even if I can’t control it.

It’s been a hard lesson.  Anyone have any tips on how to give up control???


One Response to “Really?”

  1. Sarah

    Debbie .. I’ve always said this, but you are such an inspiration to me! The way you pray for your students and love and care for them! That is amazing to me! If all teachers were like that, this world would be a much different place! Praying for you as you go back to work Thursday! Sounds like you’ve had a REALLY rough 2 weeks! Glad Hunter took good care of you! Aren’t good husbands such a blessing! I thank God all the time for giving me such a wonderful husband!!

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